Общественное объединение матерей детей с ограниченными возможностями



Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to enrich your inner world and to acquire an incomparable experience and competences which will give you an advantage when you will apply for jobs or subsequent education.

We need help:

  • We need help of qualified occupational, art and music therapists;
  • We also need volunteers who are qualified in such education programs such as TEACCH, ABA and other methodologies that are used in working with children with special needs;
  • Currently we need assistants to help our specialists and mothers during therapies with children with special needs;
  • We need help with making social events and actions focused on spreading information about life and functioning in the society of people with special needs;
  • Access, translation and publishing of methodologies for working with such conditions such as Autism and Down syndrome.
  • We also need volunteer to help with keeping pages in social network websites;


We are always open to new propositions. The most important thing is that you love and enjoy whatever you do.